Virtual Cards From OnlineNaira

The OnlineNaira Virtual Card is a MasterCard that we offer to you on a prepaid basis and funded only from the funds you have available in your Naira Wallet. The card is designed to work online and in places where MasterCard and other International Credit Cards are accepted. You should also be able to use the card to pay for goods and services on Facebook and PayPal.

To acquire one of these Virtual Cards, you need to have some money in your Naira Wallet. If you do not, click here for more information on how to fund your OnlineNaira account. To buy a Virtual Card, login and click on TOOLS, then click on Virtual Cards. Our cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. If you no longer need the card, you will be able to cancel the card and the card balance would be returned to your Naira wallet.

All Virtual Card orders are processed within 5mins and details made available to you after payment. You can also see your card details by clicking on TOOLS and then Virtual Cards. Prepaid cards do not have credit limits as they are not credit cards. Any monies spent on the card comes out of the OnlineNaira balance that you move into the card. So you will fund your account and be able to spend it wherever MasterCards are accepted online.

Card Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I share my card?
A. You can share your virtual card and more cards can be bought and sent to friends or relatives.

Q. What if my Card is stolen?
A. It is not possible to lose a virtual card. If you forget the details of the card, login again to get the details. The sole responsibility rests on you to ensure your card details do not fall into wrong hands. You will be able to cancel your card anytime.

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