OnlineNaira with SMS (34461)

OnlineNaira is not only available online, in Android App, Mobile Platform, but also on the SMS platform. Allowing access to OnlineNaira using SMS is particularly useful to Africans who do not have Smartphones or those who do not have access to the Internet or temporarily without Internet. It is important to note that our SMS platform will only work for you if you send the message from the phone you registered with OnlineNaira.

Free Account Signup - Sign-up for a FREE OnlineNaira Account by sending the following SMS to 34461:


Account Balance
To check your account balance in OnlineNaira, pls send ON Balance as SMS to 34461.

Send Money
To send money to another OnlineNaira member, pls send ON Send*AMOUNT*Username as SMS to 34461. To send N5,000 to another OnlineNaira user with username adesiyan, You would send ON Send*5000*adesiyan to 34661.

Making a Deposit - To make a deposit, send ON Deposit*AMOUNT to 34461.

Making a Withdrawal - To make a withdrawal, send the following SMS to 34461:


Placing Orders with SMS - To place an order using SMS, send the following SMS to 34461:

Help With SMS - To get help with SMS message, send ON Help to 34661.

SMS Related Fees

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