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Get Paid or Send Money

Making payments online is usually between two parties. One party has something to sell and another party is looking to buy.  When the buyer agrees to make a payment to the seller, a transaction takes place.  In order for the seller to get paid or pay through OnlineNaira, one of the parties to the transaction must be an Online Naira member.

Here are all the possible scenarios to Get Paid:

  1. An OnlineNaira member needs to pay another OnlineNaira member.
    In order to get paid by another OnlineNaira member, you need to send a Payment Request to the member. Alternatively, tell the member to login and then use Send Money from within OnlineNaira to send you money.

  2. An OnlineNaira member needs to pay a non-OnlineNaira member.
    In order to pay a non-OnlineNaira user, you will either get them to signup with Online Naira or use our Pay4me service.

  3. A non-OnlineNaira member needs to pay an OnlineNaira member.
    Send them a Payment Request.

  4. A non-OnlineNaira member pays a non-OnlineNaira member.
    We do not handle this sort of transaction as we are obliged to keep the details of at least one of the parties in the transaction. If you need to use OnlineNaira, please Sign-up.

Payment Request
A Payment Request is an email sent from within OnlineNaira on your behalf to request payment from anyone including people who are not currently OnlineNaira users.  The email we send on your behalf to request payment contains information about you and the details of the payment.  When they receive the request, they would be able to click on a link in the email that brings them back to OnlineNaira and they would be able to make payment to you without the need to signup with OnlineNaira.  They will also have the choice to pay by cash, wire transfer, local or international credit or debit cards including Visa and MasterCard*.  In order to initiate a payment request, please login and click on Payment Request on the left-hand menu. Enter the recipient’s email address and the amount you want them to pay.

Our Fees
Be sure to have a look at our fees before making payments or asking someone to make a payment to you with OnlineNaira. Click here to see our fees here.

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