Receiving Money with OnlineNaira
PES Withdrawal Rate - NGN440/$

With OnlineNaira, you are able to receive money from any Website or Merchant where you do some work or as an Affiliate. We are aware that some of the websites ask you to have a paypal account in order to receive your money, some ask for some other payment gateways; OnlineNaira will help you to receive the money if you do not have a way to receive it. If you are not already working online, but need ideas on what you can do online, look here. PES Withdrawal Rate - NGN440/$.

Withdrawing Your Earnings

To withdraw from a website or merchant account into OnlineNaira, please send an email to requesting the current email or procedure. It is important that you send us the email even if you have used the service in the past as the procedure to receive money may have changed. If you already have a paypal account, we are unable to help you as we do not receive paypal monies from individuals. Our PES service is only for people looking to receive money directly from a merchant into the paypal email we give out.

We help to accept paypal monies from the following:



songs of love foundation

pen warriors

If your merchant or website is not listed, pls contact us to have it listed so you could start receiving money from them..

What Next

If you are ready to receive money through OnlineNaira, you now need to sign-up. After SIGN-UP, get your account CERTIFIED and then request the email to receive your money. You will receive a notification message in email as soon as the money hits your OnlineNaira account. When you have seen the money, click on WITHDRAW to get the money in your local bank account.


Please use our new invoicing app to request payment from your merchants. When you provide details for your invoice, we send it to your recipient who would be able to pay in several ways - paypal, neteller, skrill, perfectmoney, international credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies and any other payment methods we currently accept. To create and send an invoice to your merchant, please login and click on TOOLS and then Create Invoice.

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PES Withdrawal Rate - NGN440/$

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