OnlineNaira with PayPal
Our Rates: Funding - N15/$ | Withdrawal Rate - N-65/$ | Res - $1000

Making a Deposit
To send money or fund your PayPal account using OnlineNaira, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card. Click here for more information on how to fund your OnlineNaira account.

Placing your PayPal Order
In order to place your PayPal order, login and click on SEND, choose eCurrency Funding and then PayPal in the Payment Options. Enter the $ amount to fund, provide the PayPal email and submit.

Withdrawing from PayPal
If you receive money from an Affiliate Program or do some work online and you are paid with PayPal, we will provide you with an email address (PES) to receive such monies. When the money is sent to the email address we have allocated to you, you will see it in your OnlineNaira account within 5mins. To use this service, you must be a Certified OnlineNaira member. To receive PayPal, please click here to send us an email message to request a PayPal ID.

Getting Money in Bank - When the money shows up in your OnlineNaira account, login and click on WITHDRAW. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, choose withdrawal method and submit. We offer 3 withdrawal options to all the African countries we cover - Cash In Minutes, Cash Today and Next Day. See our fees page here.

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