Making Money With OnlineNaira.

After working with OnlineNaira for over 3 years, I realise that there are many ways to make money by leveraging OnlineNaira.

If anyone tells you it is very easy to make money anywhere online, they are lying and the truth is not in them. The only true way to make money online and legitimately is to work hard or if you like, work smartly on a good idea. Below are proven ideas you can use in conjunction with the tools and resources available in OnlineNaira.

If you have come to this page from an advert on a website, SN Blogs, Facebook or any other media outlet, the idea of making NGN 215,000 in 15 days was really to get your attention. This is not to say that it is impossible to make that sort of money, but to emphasise that anything is possible when you work with the right ideas and are prepared to give everything it takes to succeed. The following is my way of showing you how to make a good amount of money working with OnlineNaira:

OnlineNaira Affiliates

With OnlineNaira Affiliates, you invite other people to use OnlineNaira and get paid when the referrals signup. OnlineNaira is currently paying 5% of any commissions earned when referrals process transactions and affiliates can earn money up to 2 levels deep....[Affiliates]. This also means you earn money from the transactions of the person you invited and the person they invited. Go ahead and invite as many people as possible to join OnlineNaira and you'll make lots of money doing so.

Here are a few illustrations so you see the sort of money we are talking about:

  1. You invite 5 people and each of those 5 people invite 1 person. Affiliate commissions will be paid to you on each person you invited and on each person they invite.

  2. You invite the boss of a company and the company decides to start using OnlineNaira to process payments. All the people who make payments through OnlineNaira as a result of that company will be added to your Affiliate downline. This means you make 5% of all commissions we charge on their transactions.

  3. Say you invite someone with influence in an institution (University).... one thing led to the other and the institution decides to use OnlineNaira as a means of processing payments for their students or members. It therefore means that you benefit from the commissions we charge on all transactions of the institution. Could you imagine how much that equates to at the end of the month?

You must remember that we are not offering you FREE MONEY, but money you will need to work for. The harder/smarter you work, the more you will make and it is really as simple as that. We are also not looking for new money in order to pay you. The maths is simple, you bring people into OnlineNaira, they send and receive payments through OnlineNaira and you receive 5% of any commissions we deduct from their transactions.

Go ahead and invite as many people as possible to join OnlineNaira and you'll make lots of money doing so.

In orde to start as an Affiliate, you will need to register so you are a member of OnlineNaira. Sign up here now.

If you need help with signing up or just anything, pls feel free to hava a chat with our staff online. They are very friendly and able to make decisions that will help to resolve your issues quickly. OnlineNaira currently has in excess of 100,000 members and we are waiting for you to add to that number and make money while doing so.


Welcome to OnlineNaira

When a member in your downline performs a transaction, your commission shows up automatically in your account. This is really the joy of the OnlineNaira Affiliate System as you do not need to wait till the end of the week or month to get your money. You will be able to withdraw your money into a local bank whenever you want.

Here are Tips to help you build your Affiliate with OnlineNaira:

  • Send your affiliate link to all your friends, colleagues, family and loved ones.
  • Check your account daily to confirm new downline additions.
  • Tell us immediately if downline is missing from your account.
  • Tell individuals and ask them for their OnlineNaira Username so you can confirm they have been added to your downline.
  • Help your downlines to acquire their own Affiliates.
  • Invite businesses and not just individuals.
  • Be bold and approach people you know in institutions where there are many people or members.

You must also remember that this is by far a fantastic way to build up RESIDUAL INCOME. When a member of OnlineNaira is in your downline, they will be in it for as long as they are a member. This means you will always earn money from their transactions even for years to come. We see a situation where you can even rely on OnlineNaira to provide a good income today and income that you can rely on in the future when you can no longer work like you do today.

The following fact cannot be over emphasised that if you are looking to become a millionaire within a short period of time without doing much, this is not the program for you. However, if you are ready to take your own destiny back into your own hands and no longer rely on the rat-race, this is the program you need to register for immediately.

We do not charge an Affiliate Fee, No Payments necessary, No registration Fees and you can start making money today just by registering now.

You will agree with me that if you give this business all it takes, you will be earning over NGN 225,000 weekly in a few months or years!

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