InstaForex with OnlineNaira
OnlineNaira with InstaForex


OnlineNaira no longer have a relationship with InstaForex and that means you can no longer fund your InstaForex account directly from within OnlineNaira.

However, you should be able to fund InstaForex through one of our eCurrency offerings such as Neteller, etc. Here are the steps:

  1. Deposit Money - you will need to have the funds in your OnlineNaira account first.
  2. Send Money to Neteller - open a Neteller account if you do not alreqady have one.
  3. Send Funds from Neteller to InstaForex - send funds from Neteller to InstaForex.

Withdrawing From InstaForex
To withdraw from your InstaForex account through OnlineNaira, here are the steps:

  1. Send Money from InstaForex to Neteller
  2. Send money from Neteller to OnlineNaira - the money you send to OnlineNaira from Neteller shows up within 5mins.
  3. Withdraw your money to bank - we have 5 withdrawal options to get tyour money into your bank account anywhere in Nigeria or Africa.
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