How It Works

If you are new to OnlineNaira, this is the first page to study carefully because it has a good deal of information that you will find useful as you use OnlineNaira on a daily or weekly basis. If you need help with using more advanced tools in OnlineNaira, please login and have a look in our Help page. While you may also have a chat with staff online now, it is a good idea to read through this page first in order to have good information before you go into chat.

OnlineNaira is all about making payments and receiving payments. We have tools here that will help you to receive payments if you do some work or sell stuff online and we also have tools that will help you to send money to other people or merchants online. The best part of our payments service is that we specialise in helping Africans to do more business online. It is important to note that we accept everyone who signs up and we do not do any credit check as we do not offer credit in any way.

OnlineNaira will send your money to anyone you tell us to send money to irrespective of who it is or where they are located in the world. It is your responsibility to be sure you know the person or company you ask us to send money to as we do not take responsibility for any money you lose should the recipient refuse to honour any agreements you may have with them.

Below are a few points you need to get familiar with:

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