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How It Works

If you are new to OnlineNaira, this is the first page to study carefully because it has a good deal of information that you will find useful as you use OnlineNaira on a daily or weekly basis. If you need help with using more advanced tools in OnlineNaira, please login and have a look in our Help page. While you may also have a chat with staff online now, it is a good idea to read through this page first in order to have good information before you go into chat.

OnlineNaira is all about making payments and receiving payments. We have tools here that will help you to receive payments if you do some work or sell stuff online and we also have tools that will help you to send money to other people or merchants online. The best part of our payments service is that we specialise in helping Africans to do more business online. It is important to note that we accept everyone who signs up and we do not do any credit check as we do not offer credit in any way.

OnlineNaira will send your money to anyone you tell us to send money to irrespective of who it is or where they are located in the world. It is your responsibility to be sure you know the person or company you ask us to send money to as we do not take responsibility for any money you lose should the recipient refuse to honour any agreements you may have with them.

Below are a few points you need to get familiar with:

    Sign up - You will not be able to do anything within OnlineNaira if you do not start by signing up. OnlineNaira sign up takes less than 1min and is FREE. Please sign up now. OnlineNaira works with emails and you must ensure you are able to receive emails from us. It happens that our emails mayngo into Junk/Spam Mail folder sometimes. It is therefore a good idea to be sure to check your Junk/Spam Mail folder for our emails or better still, add our email (info@onlinenaira.com) to your safe senders list. As soon as you have signed up, your member status is UNVERIFIED. This status will enable you to do 1 or 2 transactions so you have an idea how OnlineNaira works and to make up your mind if you'd like to keep using OnlineNaira. If you would like to keep using OnlineNaira, you will need to provide all the information we require on your profile page and then make a first deposit. Doing this will get your account VERIFIED.

    Deposit Money - In order to send payments to people or merchants with OnlineNaira, you will need to make a deposit or as some people say, fund your OnlineNaira account. To fund your account, login and click on DEPOSIT MONEY, enter the amount you want to deposit and choose a deposit method. Click on INITIATE DEPOSIT NOW to submit your deposit. On the following page, click on "continue" in order to complete your deposit. If you choose to pay into a bank by cash or transfer, be sure to take the bank details on the next page. If you need to send money in $, you will need to know how much to deposit to be sure you have the correct amount of money in your account. Today's Exchange rate is N 370 per Dollar. If you are still unsure how much to make a deposit, please feel free to chat with us now. We also accept all credit/debit cards issues in Nigeria.

    Withdraw Money - In order to withdraw money from OnlineNaira , you will need to login and click on WITHDRAW MONEY. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and choose how quickly you want the money. If you want the money in your bank account, be sure to add your bank account details to OnlineNaira. To add your bank details to OnlineNaira, login and click on BANK ACCOUNTS.

    Send Payments - In order to send money to anyone or merchant, you will first need to have enough money in your OnlineNaira account to cover the payment you plan to send. If you do not have enough money, click on DEPOSIT MONEY to add money to your OnlineNaira account. If you have enough money, click on SEND MONEY and choose from the different options to send money. Click here to see money options to SEND MONEY or GET PAID.

    Using Pay4me - This is the service you need to send money to anyone or any business anywhere in the world. Here's how to use Pay4me - login again and click on SEND MONEY. Choose Pay4me and enter Amount to send in $.  In the space for description, please add the as much details as possible of your transaction such as – "Please send $100 to someone@somewhere.com on PayPal" or Please buy this "unique book for $20 and send to me at http://www.hdgfjdg.com/uyeuy/iuu.htm".  We aim to process all Pay4me transactions within 60mins. It is important that you provide us with all the information we need to process your payment or purchase.

    Are you a Seller - If you have a website or plan to sell on a website, you may like to have a look at our API page or ask your website developer to have a look. APIs are a way to automate transactions and reduce human intervention during sales. When our API is installed on your website, you will be able to receive transaction information automatically (callback) in your website and in your own database. Click here for our API page.

    Updated - 14 June 2017.
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