FXCL Markets Ltd, registered in April 2016, is licensed and regulated as a "Dealer in Securities" by the "Ministry of Finance and Economic Management" in accordance with the "Dealers in Securities (Licensing) Act [CAP 70] of the Republic of Vanuatu. FXCL Markets Ltd. is a Prime of Prime brokerage dedicated to investment needs of its institutional and retail clients and committed to helping them to pursue their financial goals. The company operates as a part of FX Clearing Group Holding servicing global financial markets since 2006. The Principal License enables the FXCL Markets Ltd. to carry out the full list of Broker/Dealer services, including (but not limited) dealing with the Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals, Commodities, Fund Management, Clearing, Primary Brokering, and other legal activities.

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All you have to do is register with FXCLMarkets, and download your Trading Platform.

OnlineNaira is the preferred deposit method for Africans to fund their FXCLMarkets account and this page is dedicated to helping you understand how best to use OnlineNaira.

Here's how to send money to FXCLMarkets with OnlineNaira:Click for HiWayFX website

To send money to FXCLMarkets, pls login into your OnlineNaira account and click on SEND MONEY. Choose FXCLMarkets in the payments option. Enter the amount you want to send in dollars and provide your FXCLMarkets account number. Click submit and your deposot is complete. As soon as your deposit is sent, a new transaction is added to your account history as confirmation of the money you have just sent.

Withdrawing From FXCLMarkets
Withdrawing your hard earned money from FXCLMarkets is also easy to do in OnlineNaira. You just need to tell FXCLMarkets you would like to withdraw your money using OnlineNaira. Be sure to provide your OnlineNaira USERNAME so they place your money into the correct account. As soon as you have informed FXCLMarkets that you would like your withdrawal to be through OnlineNaira, the money is then placed by FXCLMarkets directly into your OnlineNaira account using the USERNAME you provided.

As soon as FXCLMarkets places your money in your OnlineNaira account, your will receive an email confirming that money is waiting for you in OnlineNaira. You will then login and make a withdrawal into your local bank account. Click here if you need information on how to withdraw your money into a local bank in your country.

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