OnlineNaira with FreshForex

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Making a Deposit - To fund your Freshforex account using OnlineNaira, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using cash, card or mobile money from virtually any African country. Click here for more information on how to fund your OnlineNaira account. All deposits are added to your wallet instantly except Cash which is done within 5mins.

Placing your Freshforex Order
To fund your Freshforex account, login into your account at FreshForex and click on DEPOSIT. Choose OnlineNaira in the deposit options and submit. Your trading account should be funded instantly.

Withdrawing from Freshforex
Login into your Freshforex account and go to the Withdrawals Section. From the available Payment Systems, choose OnlineNaira and apply for Withdrawal. FreshForex would process your withdrawal and place your money in your OnlineNaira account.

Mobile Money Withdrawals
For Mobile Money withdrawals, be sure to add your mobile money account to your wallet. Login and click on SETTINGS, click on Bank Accounts and add your Mobile Wallet information; enter mobile wallet phone number instead of bank account number.

Getting Money in Bank - When the money shows up in your OnlineNaira account, login and click on WITHDRAW. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, choose withdrawal method and submit. We offer 6 withdrawal options - Cash In Minutes, Cash in Hours, Cash Today , 3 Days, 5 Working Days and 14 Days. See our fees page here. When you place a withdrawal, OnlineNaira is able to place your money in your bank account in Africa.

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