OnlineNaira Fees

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It means OnlineNaira will not deduct any fees from your money when you send money to another OnlineNaira member. Click here to send money to another OnlineNaira member.

RECEIVE MONEY: 1 % plus NGN 26
We charge 1% plus NGN26 per transaction when you receive money from another OnlineNaira member.


  1. Bank Deposit, Local & International Cards, M-Pesa, Mobile Money Ghana & Uganda, USSD, Visa QR - 3% plus NGN250 per transaction;
  2. Nigeria Cash Deposit Only - 2% plus NGN250 per transaction;
  3. Africa Cash deposit excluding Nigeria - 2% plus NGN250 per transaction;
  4. Deposit with PerfectMoney - 0% plus NGN0 per transaction;
  5. Deposit with Neteller - 0% plus NGN0 per transaction;
  6. Deposit with Skrill - 0% plus NGN0 per transaction;

Everytime you fund your OnlineNaira account either by physically depositing money from a Bank in Nigeria or transferring money into our Bank Account through Online/Telephone Banking, we will charge a fee. Money you deposit into our bank account is credited to your OnlineNaira account within minutes. Click here for more information on PerfectMoney deposits.

Refunds: When you receive a refund from a merchant outside of OnlineNaira, the same is credited to your OnlineNaira account within 24 hours. All refunds are treated as Deposits and will incur our Seller FEE, depending on where the refund is coming from. If the payment for which you received a refund was initially processed by OnlineNaira, it would still be treated as a $ receipt.


Please make a withdrawal from your OnlineNaira account whenever you need to make a payment to an International Merchant.

  1. Same Day Cash - 1% plus NGN1,100 per transaction;
  2. Next Day Cash - 1% plus NGN800 per transaction;
  3. Cash in 3 days - 1% plus NGN500 per transaction;
  4. Cash in 5 working Days - 1% plus NGN200 per transaction;
  5. Cash in 14 days - 0% plus NGN0 per transaction;
  6. Any International Bank - 1% plus NGN10,000 per transaction;
  7. Africa Cash Pickup - 1% plus NGN3,000 per transaction;
  8. Africa SWIFT - 1% plus NGN8,000 per transaction;
  9. Mobile TopUp - 2% plus NGN75 per transaction;
Send Money Options Cost
PayPal 5% + NGN 250 An Internal Transaction
Fee of 5% applies
to all eCurrencies.
BankErrand 1% + N2000
Pay4me 5% + NGN 250
PerfectMoney N15 / -15 per dollar
Net eller N / per dollar
BitCoins 0.000000 BTC per dollar
Solidtrust Pay N15/-25 per dollar
Payeer N 5 / -25 per dollar
Payza N / per dollar
Sk rill N5 per dollar N 5/-15per dolar

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