The OnlineNaira DEPOSIT facility is probably the one module in the OnlineNaira Payment Gateway that members use the most. It is used to make a deposit in order to get verified and subsequently for every account funding transaction. We accept the following payment methods:

  1. Cash into bank
  2. Bank Wire/Transfer or Online Banking
  3. M-Pesa
  4. Mobile Money in Ghana and Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda and Tanzania
  5. ATM, Debit and Credit Cards issued in Nigeria
  6. Any International Card
  7. Visa QR
  8. Kwikmoney
  9. USSD

Making a Deposits In order to FUND your wallet or fund some eCurrency accounts with OnlineNaira, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card.

Please login into your OnlineNaira account and click on DEPOSIT. Enter the amount you want to deposit in Naira and choose a deposit method.

For Option 1 - When you submit the form, you will be redirected to the card payment interface where you would be able to enter your card details. We charge a deposit fee of 3 % + N250 when you pay with option 1.

For Option 2 - When you submit the form, you will find bank account details on the following page. We charge a deposit fee of 2% + N250 when you pay by cash.

Option 3 - is for users making a payment from other 32 other African Countries.

Pls NOTE that if you pay into a bank account that is not listed on our website at the time you initiate your deposit, you may lose your money. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff in chat or through email.

All CASH deposits into our bank account must come from a bank account in your name. If you send money to OnlineNaira from a bank account that is not your own, you will not be able to use the money and we would not return the money to you. To get the money, you will need the bank account owner to sign-up and certify to access the money.

Depoit Fee - 2% + NGN 250

Notes About Deposits

To make a deposit from Congo or Uganda, pls login and click on DEPOSIT, choose Naira as Currency, enter amount to deposit and choose Africa Deposit as deposit method. When you submit, pls carefully copy the bank details and then proceed to pay cash into the bank.

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