To use OnlineNaira, you will need to be able to provide 2 documents to identify yourself:

Document 1
We need to see one of the following photo ids to confirm your personal details.

International Passport
Voter's Card
Driver’s Licence
National ID Card
National ID Slip + Birth Certificate
National ID Slip + Age Declaration from a Court

Your photo id must carry your image, your full name and date of birth as it is in OnlineNaira.


Document 2
We accept any one of the following documents to confirm your address.

Bank Statement
National ID Card
National ID Slip
Voter's Card
Driver’s Licence

The document must have the same address as you have in OnlineNaira. If it's a bank statement, pls upload the front page only and it must be dated within the last 3 months.


You cannot use one document to confirm both your identity and address. We need two different documents.

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