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OnlineNaira Agents
OnlineNaira Agents.

It could sometimes be challenging to fund your OnlineNaira account if you are not resident in Nigeria or you live far away from a bank. This is two of the reasons we have decided to work with Agents in different countries with the hope they will help you to manage your account more easily. We also allow other people/businesses to resell all our products, but all transactions must go through the OnlineNaira website for Agents to get a commission. Agents get the 15% commission on all fees we charge for transactions directly, but you would need to apply to become an agent to get this commission.

Agent Services
All our Agents are able to do the following:

  1. Take deposits - It is OK to pay your deposit to an Accredited Agent however they have arranged with you to pay them and expect them to fund your OnlineNaira account in a timely manner.
  2. Do Withdrawals - It is OK to send money to an Accredited Agent and expect them to give you the money when and however you arrange with them.
  3. Re-sell our Services - it is OK to buy virtually any of our services from an Accredited Agent.

When you process your transactions through one of our Accredited Agents, you will receive the same quality of service just like our other members, but your chosen Agent will be able to offer additional services to you in return for a commission from us. A lot of our Agents already have personal/business relationships with people on the ground and that helps to communicate better.

Here's how to fund your OnlineNaira account through an Accredited Agent:

  • Confirm Agent details on OnlineNaira.
  • Send your Money to Accredited Agent by cash or bank transfer.
  • Agent credits your OnlineNaira Account.

Here's how to make a withdrawal using an Agent:

  • Confirms Agent details on OnlineNaira.
  • Sends money to preferred Agent within OnlineNaira by using the SEND MONEY App.
  • Agent credits Member's Bank Account.

Notes about Agent Deposit.
It must be understood that OnlineNaira only has limited control over the way Agents operate as they run their own independent businesses. However, we will list on this page details of all Agents so you are sure they are still working with us. There is no way of OnlineNaira knowing if you made a cash deposit or wire transfer into an Agent's account and we therefore cannot intervene in the event an Agent says you did not pay them. Pls be sure to keep any proof of payment. When you make a payment to an Agent either in Cash or by transferring money into their bank account, you should expect to be funded within a few minutes. If you are not funded within 60mins, please get in touch with the Agent and if this does not resolve the issue, please chat with us or send us an email.

Notes about Agent Withdrawal.
For OnlineNaira members who do not have a bank account or for members looking to withdraw money into a bank other than in Nigeria, it may be easier to receive your withdrawals through one of our Agents. Our Agents will ensure the money is deposited into the bank account you specify in your own country or give the money to you in cash, but you should also realise that there may be a fee for this service. Please be sure to check with the Agent or get in touch with them to confirm any additional fees.

Agent Checks
It must be noted that we do not establish a physical meeting between OnlineNaira and Agents other than when we have a social gathering once a year. For the purposes of identifying our Agents, we rely on the following:

  • Submission of photo id that has an expiry and date of birth.
  • Submission of a bank statement that carries Agent’s address.
  • We require photo id to be renewed at expiry.
  • Scanned Bank statement cannot be more than 3 months old
  • Scanned bank statement must be renewed every 6months.
  • Telephone confirmation is done at random on a continual basis
  • We reserve the right to ask Agent to do certification at anytime.
  • In the event of a dispute, OnlineNaira’s decision is final.

Accredited OnlineNaira Agents.
Anyone can send OnlineNaira Credit to another member, but in order to become one of our Accredited Agents, you will need to apply to join our Agent Programme for your country. To apply, please login and click on Agent Apply.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I Trust An Agent With My Money?
A. We want to believe every Agent comes into business so you can trust them and do more business with them. When Agents join us, we take care to check the documents they send to us before making them Accredited Agents. However, there is no amount of checks we do that will make a rogue Agent to be honest. It is therefore important that you look at all the information we have on your preferred Agent and ask us as many questions as possible before you send money to them. It is your responsibility to speak to your chosen agent, visit them if you are able to and do your own due diligence in addition to the information we provide to you. Start with a small amount of money and see how they perform.

Q. Do I Need To Keep Records Of Money Sent?
A. Yes. It is always a good idea to keep a record of every money you send to our Agents or anyone. Keep records until you have been credited and used the money or until the record no longer matters. If you agree to pay into the Agent's bank acocunt, be sure to pay into their bank acocunt listed on the OnlineNaira website and be sure the account carries their name.


Updated - 21 June 2017.

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