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About us

About us

What We Do.

OnlineNaira is a Payment Gateway and eCurrency Exchanger. Our Payment Gateway services are specifically designed for People who do business with Africans. It therefore follows that if you do business with any Africa irrespective of where your business is located in the world, OnlineNaira is the Payment Gateway to use. Here it is put simply, you should use OnlineNaira if:

  1. You need to send money to Africans or you need to collect money from Africans.
  2. Your business is located within Africa and you need to send to or collect money from non-Africans.

If your business serves both Africans and non-Africans, you will be able to use OnlineNaira to collect payments from Africans. If you must use OnlineNaira to collect money from non-Africans, you will need to use third party payment gateways in addition to OnlineNaira.

Our eCurrency Exchange Service is fast and aimed at helping Africans to manage their electronic currency accounts with other International Payment Gateways.

Who We Are

OnlineNaira is a service provided by Adesiyan.Com and was launched so that any African with an email address is able to send or receive money. OnlineNaira is owned privately by two brothers and both run the business with employees recruited from Nigeria.

Kayode Adesiyan, CEO.
Kayode graduated from the University of Lagos with Honours in Civil Engineering and later attended a Master's degree in Computer Systems & Networking at the South-bank University, London.

Olawale Adesiyan, COO.
Wale graduated from the University of Lagos with Honours in Botany and later attended a Master's degree in eBusiness at the Dublin Business School, Dublin.

Adesiyan.Com is registered in Nigeria - RC958536.


Opening an account with us is FREE and there are no credit checks involved. You sign up, make a deposit and then start making payments online with the money you have deposited. If there was a time you really needed to pay for goods and services online and you found it impossible because you are African, now is the time to join OnlineNaira . When you join, you will be able to send money to your friends and family, pay bills, pay for goods and services, pay for music downloads and so on. The opportunities are endless. Using OnlineNaira to collect money on your website also opens up a new market for your business because you will not be able to sell to other Africa countries, sell to non-Africans and OnlineNaira would help you to receive your money in a timely manner.

Why Nigerian Naira (NGN)?

The Nigerian Naira has been chosen by OnlineNaira to be the default African Currency for a number of reasons:

  1. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and is the largest economy in Africa.
  2. OnlineNaira started in Nigeria before moving into Ghana and then into South Africa, Kenya and other countries in Africa.
  3. The dollar does not belong in Africa and we must only use it when it is absolutely necessary.
As at the time of updating this page, over 90% of OnlineNaira members are from Nigeria and it becomes logical therefore to use the Nigerian Naira as the main currency for the purposes of providing a viable payment gateway to the whole of Africa. While it has become necessary to convert other African currencies to NGN, please be assured that members will not lose money converting to Naira. We have provided today's rates so that other currencies can be converted to the Naira - NGN.

Our History

OnlineNaira was established April 2011.

Updated - 14 June 2017.
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